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Nanny-Assisted Distance Learning

Remote learning is the new norm for many places around the country this coming autumn. For that reason, many parents are looking for ways to support their kids during the learning curve of distance learning. The good news: your nanny might be able to help!

When looking to hire a new nanny, there are some specific things to look for when it comes to how your nanny can help with distance learning.

#1: Patience and perseverance.

As with any nannying role, patience is a must. With perseverance to work through the many different changes that the new school year will bring, your nanny can provide the supportive learning environment that your children need. Patience is also a must. There may be times when your kids are frustrated or have difficulty adapting to the change of schooling this year. A patient nanny will be aware of this and be thoughtful in how she works and deals with your kids.

#2: Creativity.

Teachers all over the country are looking at new and creative ways to engage students virtually. Your nanny can help support these efforts in creativity as to help promote a positive learning experience in an untraditional setting. Nannies often have great ideas in working with kids of all ages and learning abilities and can use their experience to help your kids adapt as easily as possible.

#3: Willingness to help.

Nannies are an incredibly valuable part of a family. They not only provide loving care to children while parents are busy or working, but they also provide an extra hand that parents often need. Nannies should be willing to help step in to help with grace and patience. So, whether that’s helping with keeping kids on task during a Zoom call with their teacher, helping answer a question on homework, or assisting with cleanup in the kitchen while you help your kids with a math project, your nanny is there to lend assistance when needed.

As school starts around the country, now is the ideal time to find the perfect nanny for your family. We have a variety of experienced nannies that are looking for their next placement. Contact us today to get the candidate selection process started.

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