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Summer Travel with Your Nanny

Family vacations might look a little bit different this year but getting out of the house to another place of rest and relaxation is a great way to unwind. Vacations create cherished childhood memories. Explorations outside, adventures to a new place, or just spending quality time together gives families of all kinds a very necessary break from their busy, day to day lives. Many parents choose to bring their nannies with them on their vacations.

The benefits are far-reaching: more bonding time with the nanny, more flexibility and time for the parents to recharge, and another set of hands to help. Here are some strategies that make summer traveling with your nanny easier.

#1: Discuss scheduling

Vacations are a great time to throw regular routines away for the short term, but it’s still a good idea to have a loose schedule each day. Talk to your nanny ahead of time and determine how many hours she will be ‘on the clock’ during vacation. Consider whether you will want to have evenings or dinners away and will need her to watch the kids, or if she will be only expected to work half days. Having a good idea on her scheduling before you leave will help you plan for your nanny’s fair compensation.

#2: Discuss wages

When families travel with a nanny, compensation can vary. If your live-in or full-time nanny will be traveling with you, her normal wage in addition to expenses (like meals out) should be adequate. For families that choose to bring their live-out nanny with them, make sure to factor in overtime if needed, a fee for overnights, as well as meals, transportation costs, and housing.

#3: Consider accommodations

Bringing your nanny means planning for additional space. Does it make sense to have a separate room in the vacation home for her or a separate hotel room? Do you want the nanny to be with your family or in a separate space for additional privacy? Consider what this will take and plan accordingly.

Most families find that traveling with their nanny is a breeze. The benefits almost always outweigh the extra planning and expenses. The extra hand goes a long way toward relieving traveling stress. Not to mention, it can be a great bonding experience for the family and the nanny in a space that offers necessary rest and relaxation.

Looking for a summer nanny or a nanny to live in your home year-round? Contact our experienced team at Household Staffing to help find the perfect nanny for your family.

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