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Reasons to Become an Estate Manager

Have you heard about or seen jobs advertised for an estate manager? This is a newer term in the world of domestic staffing. Also known as a butler or house manager, an estate manager provides key oversight and management of the innerworkings of busy homes around the country – and the world. This is a highly desirable career for many different types of people. Here are some reasons to consider why you should consider becoming an estate manager.

It is an ideal career for detail-oriented people that are natural leaders

Estate managers oversee everything that happens in a private home or estate. They supervise other household staff, manage the home budget, coordinate the planning of special events, and make sure household maintenance appointments or other details for that are kept updated. All these duties require significant attention to detail and the ability to juggle many moving parts. The job also requires strong leadership abilities, as you need to be able to supervise other staff, create their schedules, and handle things that come up that may require leadership intervention.

It is an opportunity for you to use problem solving skills

Estate managers need to be good problem solvers. Think of the many things that come up from day to day or week to week in your own home – managing appointments, planning for parties and other significant events – all while doing your other routine tasks, can be a lot to handle. Sometimes, problems pop up or conflicts need to be worked through and a reliable estate manager will meet those challenges head on and make sure the problem is solved quickly and in the right manner.

Estate management positions are great for people that are willing to adapt

Each estate is different – some estates are single family homes and others operate as a business and have event venues or farming details to oversee. Being a good estate manager means adapting to situations as they come. They also must be able to step into a variety of different roles and be willing to learn different skills that may be unique to the estate.

Estate managers play an invaluable part of how smoothly a home functions. It is a well-paying career that provides the opportunity to work with people in a home environment. So, if you are considering a career as an estate manager, we have options for you. Contact our team at Household Staffing today to get your job search started.

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