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Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care

When your spouse or elderly loved one needs day-to-day assistance in their life, you may be facing a tough choice: in-home care or assisted living? Making the right decision means weighing many different factors and it is usually a very personal choice. Here are some important things to consider when deciding between assisted living and hiring a caregiver to help your loved one at home.

Determine how much help your loved one needs.

First, figure out how much help your loved one will need for the long term, and be realistic about how much help will come from the family. Make a list of things that your loved one needs help with on a daily or monthly basis. Doing this helps you see the whole picture and determine which scenario is best for their care. Next, talk to people in your life that may be willing to help – family, neighbors, or friends. This will give you a better idea as to what is already covered and what isn’t.

Look closely at finances.

Costs can vary when it comes to hiring an in-home caregiver or an assisted living center, as costs can be specific to the person’s needs. Call around to various assisted living centers to get their prices and be sure to ask detailed questions as to what is included. Then, compare those costs with what it would take to keep your loved one at home with a caregiver in the home. Talk to different caregivers about their hourly rates and determine what they can provide. Learn more about their specific experience and see if it aligns with the needs that your loved one has. Make sure you have a good grasp on your loved one’s budget to determine what they are able to pay for, or if you will need to find other ways to supplement payment with family member’s helping pay or with Medicare.

Know what the differences are between assisted living and private in-home care.

Assisted living is a place where many seniors live in rooms or small apartments. They have a variety of care options, from those that are more independent, to those that need a higher level of care. Meals, transportation, and group activities are all part of the monthly price. It is a great way to have 24/7 supervision and care and gives the person the opportunity to socialize and stay active, if they want. There are different staff members providing care, rather than one dedicated caregiver that knows your loved one.

In-home care gives your loved one more personalized care and attention, and it can be tailed to their needs and preferences. They get to stay in the home they are familiar with, allowing them to age in place. This can often be one of the major benefits of hiring an in-home caregiver. The family and loved one can also choose the caregiver they hire, giving them more control to find the best person with the right experience for their loved one’s specific situation. In-home care is generally a bit more expensive.

After considering all your options, if you determine hiring a senior caregiver in the home is best, let our team at Household Staffing help find the perfect match for your loved one. We have a variety of experienced, compassionate caregivers that are waiting for placement. Contact us today to get started!

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