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Nanny vs. Day Care: Weighing Your Options

Would your child thrive in an environment with more people, or would your child fare better with one-on-one attention?  The thing to keep in mind is that both day care AND nanny services are excellent options and that choosing one or the other does not determine your value as a parent.  Below we’ve listed some helpful things we ask our clients to think about when they have to make this important decision:

Pros of Hiring a Nanny:

  • You find someone who can nurture and love your child in your absence.
  • Your child will be in a familiar environment, with his/her own bed, toys, and books.
  • He/she will get more attention, something you would not necessarily get in a day care.
  • It is more financially advantageous when you have more than one child.

What are the downsides of hiring a nanny?

  • Your child may thrive receiving stimulation found in a larger environment.
  • If your nanny gets sick or must take time off, you may suddenly be left without childcare.
  • If you have only one child, hiring a nanny can be more expensive.

Pros of day care:

  • Your child will be exposed to other children his/her age, which is important for certain developmental milestones, like sharing and learning social skills.
  • A new environment provides your child with stimulation.
  • Your child learns how to become more independent, which allows them to become more resilient and able to cope.

What are the downsides of day care?

  • Your child will be exposed to many more children his/her age—which unfortunately can mean getting sick more often.
  • While an excellent option, the most sought-after/best day cares have long waiting lists.
  • Your child may not get the individualized care that a nanny could provide in your home.

Remember, you don’t have to make this decision alone—you can consult a nanny agency or turn to other parents in your neighborhood for advice.  It is always wise to pursue both choices simultaneously.  You should get on a few day care waiting lists as soon as possible, while you’re interviewing nannies.  If a spot at the day cares of your choice are not available, you might feel more comfortable hiring a nanny instead, even if it means stretching your budget a bit more.  No matter what, take the route that gives you the greatest peace of mind.

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