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We only place nannies that we would place in our own home. Our process makes it easy for you meet and hire a nanny through our personalized selection process, we guarantee we’ll find the right person for you the first time.

You can trust that you and your family are important to us, so we focus on handpicking a nanny specifically for your family.

Our mission is to help families feel safe and confident hiring someone they trust to care for their children. We believe personal attention and integrity matter which is why we personally review every applicant, talking to them directly and verifying their experience and references. We take so much pride in introducing you to the right nanny the first time that we even offer a personal trial with your new nanny to ensure a bond between your family and your new nanny. And if the nanny isn’t what you envisioned, you can come back for a replacement at no additional cost.

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Some of our Qualified Professionals

Nanny 15336

When working with children my goal is to incorporate what I know to be the classical expanded learning method. Children are so impressionable at a young age. I believe educating children to develop their brain though music and reading. Studies have shown that classical music stimulates a child’s brain 12 times faster and more efficiently than adults. I believe that reading to children, educational activities and structured schedules are key in development, especially in younger children.

Outside of children I am also a pleasant, even tempered person who is a great companion for anyone no matter the age. I’m trustworthy and I have a great work ethic. Being a musician has forced me to develop other skill sets I have to ear a living outside of performance, So I am very aware of what I am capable of and how I can help your family. I always let people know if a position if too far outside of my capabilities. I hope I get to work with you and help your home in any way that I can.

Nanny 20895

I’m am born and raised in Panama but my Dad is Italian. I came to the United States 5 years ago to study psychology at University of Panama. In my Country, I was a special education teacher for children ages 2 & 3 years. I originally came to the United States with the au pair program. I lived with a family for 3 years in New York. They had 2 children, ages 1 & 3 years old. I took full care of the kids along with some housekeeping, laundry, errands and cooking. I then moved to NJ and have been working as a nanny for several families from newborns to toddlers. I am currently working in Philadelphia. It started out as a nanny share with 2 separate 8 month old babies. I worked for both families, caring for both babies at the same time, for 1.5 years. Just last month, one family moved, but I am still caring for the one baby. I love the family, but it is too far of a commute from where I live. I love children and the arts. I can say that I am very outgoing, creative, organized and very responsible. On my time off I like to take yoga classes and spend most of my time cooking and baking- I love doing that in fact I took some cooking classes (ICE) too! I have more than 7 years of experience in the childcare field.

Nanny/Family Assistant 17073

I am seeking a long term family/personal assistant/ career nanny position where I can utilize my strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. I want to apply my lifetime of experiences to help families and individuals in the smooth running of their households, calendars and daily lives. My background in Domestics, Tourism, Travel and Human Resources allows me to bring a unique set of skills, especially understanding my role and position in a home. I am seeking a live-in position and available to travel.

Selected Highlights:
  • Caregiver for babies, toddlers and school aged children, including a child with disabilities
  • Governess/nanny for prominent UES NYC family
  • Years of employment with major airlines, domestic and international
  • Tour Director covering most of Western Europe
  • Managed tour operations of Rome (Italy) office
  • Personal tour guide, interpreter and driver in Italy
  • Technologically proficient in MAC and PC, MS Office Suite
  • Ability to adapt to different cultures and work environments
  • Proven capability of working independently and as member of a team
  • Resourceful and proactive
  • Discreet, loyal and trustworthy


Nanny Housekeeper 3908

Originally from the Dominican Republic. I have been working with families for many years as a nanny and light housekeeping. I love children and have been a babysitter since I was 14 years old. I have worked for various families and have experience with detailed cleaning, organizing, laundry, ironing, mopping, dusting, waxing, polishing, and sweeping, I love what I do and take a lot of pride in my work and my cleaning. I am a very organized person that loves kids and pets. I am always prompt, on time and she is looking to do what makes the client happy when it comes to cleaning and caring for your home. I was referred to your agency as you came highly recommended through a friend who was placed with you.

Nanny 20583

I have been a private nanny for the last 5 years while in college. I graduated from college this week, and I’m looking for a full time position as a sitter/house assistant position with one year commitment. I’m available after the summer. I was a house assistant for the last two years doing laundry, lunch prep and grocery shopping. I have great references of all age ranges and a clean driving record. I’m very much into creative art activities, baking, and encouraging trips to the library. I drive a large SUV and I love pets. I have also been a dog nanny/walker in previous jobs. I have been an exclusive caregiver for the last 5 years with various duties like driving to soccer camps, picking up the house, preparing dinner and trying to get kids to play outside! Two of the families I work for are special needs (Autism) and over the last three years I have bonded tremendously with their children. For my current families I do overnights , date nights, weekends, snow days, and days that the child is home sick and cannot go to school.

Nanny 9258

I have a genuine concern for the welfare of all children and I believe they should have personal attention given to them as there are more and more homes where both parents work and less time to be available to children. I am able to fully hold down a household and I am responsible and attentive. I am respectful and I give 150% to make sure the employer’s mind is at rest. I have worked with families when the children were babies and have started with toddlers and school aged children. Please consider me for any position. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Nanny Housekeeper 18320

I have always loved being home and helping my mom in the home, with cooking, cleaning and helping to care for my siblings. When I finished high school I went to college for one year and then decided to become a nanny. I accepted my first job when I was very young. And have worked for the past 15 years as a full time live in and live out nanny with housekeeping responsibilities. I handled all of the children’s laundry, all of the linens and sheets. And prepared simple healthy meals.

Nanny 7016

I believe I am perfect for this position. I have worked with your agency and have always worked with wonderful professional families. I’m punctual, patient, organized, self-motivated, and I love to help families in need. I am a perfectionist when it comes to housekeeping and laundry I am a great cook or at least I think I am. I have worked with asthmatic children, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabled Children, Multiple Children, Teenage Experience, Toddler Experience. I have worked with up to as many as 4 children at a time. I do all the Cooking, Driving, Errands, Housekeeping, Washing Laundry.

Nanny 5087

This is my 20th year as a nanny caring for babies. I have worked with singletons, twins and triplets. I have wonderful references and many of my babies and grown and off to college and they still call me. I will travel anywhere in the United States and abroad. I get paid for 7 days and work 6 days. I would like to work with a newborn for a minimum of 1 month. I will provide you references upon request.

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