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What is a Termination Clause?

When you first hire your household employee and set them up for legal pay, it is also important to create a work agreement at the same time. The work agreement is a contract that outlines the person’s employment with you. It provides information like salary and payment schedule, job duties, vacation, benefits, and paid time off information, and more. Most contracts also have a termination clause in them, too. Keep reading to learn more about what this clause is and why you should include one in your work agreement with your household employee.

Termination Clause Details

A termination of agreement clause outlines the specific circumstances or instances when you can end your working relationship with your household employee and discontinue their work with you. In other words, it should also spell out any reason that the employee’s contract could be terminated. You may also want to consider putting an ‘at will’ clause that gives you the right to terminate the employee for any reason.

If you want to include a clause in your work agreement that indicates when the contract ends, that may be a good idea, too. This doesn’t necessarily mean the employee is left without a job. Instead, it may just mean you need to revise the contract and create a new one to reflect any changes in the person’s duties or salary.

A work agreement or employee contract may not sound necessary. However, this simple document helps eliminate confusion between both you and your employee, and it protects everyone involved.

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