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What To Do If Your Nanny Quits

Having a great nanny is a gift. She invests time, love, and energy into your home, so if she quits, it can be a real disappointment. Not to mention, it can add stress because you’re left without a reliable childcare option. Here’s what to do if your nanny quits.

Find a short-term resolution.

You might have to get creative for short-term childcare while you search for a new nanny. Talk to your boss to see if there is a way you can get a couple of hours or days off to interview new nannies. If that’s not an option, you may need to rely on a trusted friend, neighbor or family member to provide childcare services and help with the nanny selection process. Or consider a nanny share. This option allows you to bring your kids to another home that already has a nanny and share the nanny’s services. Then, the families split the cost of the nanny’s wages. This usually requires increasing the nanny’s current wage to accommodate additional children.

Make sure your kids are involved in the process.

Communicating with your kids about your nanny quitting is important. Reiterate to them that she didn’t quit because she dislikes them. They spend a lot of time with your nanny, so it can be an emotional time for them to process her absence. Make sure you explain the situation to them in terms they understand.

Rely on recommendations.

Because hiring a nanny is a very personal decision, not every person that is recommended will be someone you would consider. However, a positive word of mouth referral goes a long way when it comes to finding an experienced and trustworthy nanny. Send out an e-mail or text message to parents in the area that you know and ask for their suggestions for babysitters or nannies that may be looking for work. You can also join local parent groups on social media to look for recommendations.

Think about what you can offer.

As you search for a new nanny, think about what things you can provide as an employer that will make a job at your home desirable. What things can you do to retain a qualified nanny? Maybe that means offering a higher salary with health insurance coverage. Or, maybe it means providing more paid time off. Consider which ways you can offer the best employment package possible, so you can attract the right nanny that will stay for the long-term.

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