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It is an unavoidable fact of life that those we will love are getting older with each passing day. As we and our loved one's age, many everyday tasks can become increasingly difficult to accomplish. So how do you manage the demands of your family life and career while ensuring that your elderly loved one is being cared for appropriately? There are some answers to this question, but the one that guarantees your elderly loved one can remain in the comfort of your or their home is to utilize the services of a caregiver.

The Role of a Qualified Caregiver for the Elderly

December 1, 2016

Personal appearance and hygiene

Personal appearance and proper hygiene are of great importance to most older adults, but certain aspects of each can be a real challenge for many of them. A qualified caregiver has the training and skills to assist in dressing those who may have difficulty completing the task. Additionally, they can help your loved one with their bathing needs while providing them with respect and protecting their sense of dignity. If your family member enjoys wearing makeup or has specific hygiene requirements such as denture care, shaving, hair brushing/combing, or trimming their nails, your caregiver can work with them to make sure they look and feel at their best each day. These simple acts that many of us take for granted can significantly improve the quality of life of those we hold dear as they age.


According to the CDC, adults 65 years and older have an average of twice as many doctors appointments than those in the other age ranges. This means that the older your loved one becomes, the more appointments they are likely to need to attend. This increased number of appointments requires additional logistics to ensure that they can get to and from their appointments promptly. A qualified caregiver is capable of providing your older family members with the transportation they need to be able to make all of their appointments. They are also able to run errands with your elderly loved one or helping them with transport to scheduled day activities. The ability to safely get out of the house and go places safely provides them a degree of autonomy without compromising your peace of mind.

Household chores

Once all of the appointments and errands are finished, your qualified caregiver will be there to provide your family member assistance with their laundry. In some cases, this may be carrying the laundry to the machine for them, or it may include folding and putting away their clothes. Caregivers can also provide housekeeping services to make sure that everything is kept in its right place, the floors are swept, and the bookcases dusted. Having a clean home can provide a sense of serenity for adults and can improve the quality of life for the oldest members of our families. Many caregivers are also able to prepare nutritious and flavorful meals that meet the specific needs of those who are in their care.

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