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All About Nanny Shares

November 15, 2020
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All About Nanny Shares

Busy families often require the help of a nanny to work in the home to ensure kids are well taken care of. For families that don’t want to hire a full-time nanny, a nanny share can be helpful.

What’s a nanny share?

A nanny share means that two or more families share the services of a nanny. The nanny’s wage is generally higher because it is split across the group. This makes it more affordable for the families. One family usually offers to have their home be the primary location where the kids will be on the designated childcare days. Parents bring their kids to the home with whatever supplies they need during the day and the nanny watches the group of kids.

Depending on the group, families oftentimes purchase products that the kids can share, and then split the cost. These could include strollers, bikes, snacks, diapers, or other items that can easily be shared for a while.
Nannies that are hired to work in the home are considered in-home employees and need to be paid as such. That means you are required to pay federal and state taxes on the wages that you are paying her. If you don’t, you could be subject to big fines when it comes time for tax season. Many families choose to work with a household payroll service to help ensure that all taxes, benefits, and other important withholdings are completed properly on each paycheck.

Nanny shares are quite common – especially now as the pandemic continues to threaten the health of overcrowded public spaces and childcare centers. Nannies offer loving and attentive care while you are away and gives your children the opportunity to interact socially with a small group of kids.

We have many experienced nannies for you to choose from. No matter what your unique situation is, we have a nanny that is ready to work alongside you to provide the best care possible. Contact us today to find the right nanny for your family.

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