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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

November is here and Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon. And before you know it, winter weather will be here to stay for a while. Is your home prepared for the long stretch of cold days and nights? Here are some helpful ways how you can prepare your home for the winter season.

Schedule a furnace servicing.

Annual maintenance on your heating system is crucial to preventing breakdowns and prolonging the life of the system. Every time you turn on your heat, you want it to work perfectly. With holiday parties coming up, the last thing you want is a cold home! Annual maintenance appointments include filter cleaning or replacement and they will point out any issues that they see that could cause potential problems down the road.

Protect your pipes.

When the frigid temperatures hit, water will freeze and expand. That means any water that is left inside your outside pipes will freeze and cause your pipes to freeze too. This can cause significant damage to your pipes and in some cases, they can crack or burst. To avoid this, ensure all water is drained out of your outdoor faucets and disconnect all hoses. Then, cover faucets with a top-quality foam insulator and keep that on there for the duration of the winter.

Weatherize windows and doors.

Drafty windows and doors leak warm air outside and cause your heating system to work harder. This puts extra strain on your heating system and increases utility bills. Make sure you have energy efficient windows and doors installed in your home and that they are sealed and caulked completely.

Your home is a place for you to relax and stay comfortable, no matter what the winter weather decides to do. We know that keeping on top of home maintenance can be time consuming. That’s why an estate manager can help oversee scheduling appointments for contractors and companies to service different parts of your home in time for the change to winter. Our experienced estate managers can also help supervise other household staff in your home and can assist in running errands and manage financial details of your estate, too. Contact us today to talk about hiring an estate manager to help with everything that goes into making your home run smoothly.

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