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What to do if your Nanny Calls in Sick

You’re busy getting the kids out of bed and ready for the day and then the phone rings.

It’s your nanny. She says she’s sick and can’t make it that day and may need to miss the rest of the week.  

Your stomach drops. What do you do?

Here are some tips on how to plan for unexpected emergencies as a household employer.

Have a backup plan in place

Whether it’s a nanny or family assistant, if you rely on someone each day in your home, it’s important to have a plan in place in the event they can’t work. In the case of a nanny, ask some family members, friends, or a neighbor to be on standby to help with childcare at the last minute. Or, if you know of another family that employs a nanny or daycare provider, ask if they are available or drop-in childcare. It can be stressful looking for urgent childcare services, so knowing some details ahead of time can minimize stress.

Don’t reprimand your employee or make them feel guilty

A good household employee wants to work and will likely only call in sick once in a while. If they do call in with little notice, don’t pressure them to come in when they’re sick or make them feel guilty. It’s not their responsibility to find coverage in their absence. Be supportive and encouraging, assuring them that you are concerned most about their health and wellbeing. This fosters trust in the working relationship and helps build greater job satisfaction for them.

Assess the situation

If your employee can’t make it in for a day or even the rest o the week, you’ll need to assess the situation – the calendar, your work schedule, and regular routines. Cancel everything that isn’t essential. This alleviates pressure not just for you, but for the person that is helping out with last minute childcare services. Do everything in your power to make things as simple as possible. You can rest easy knowing that this disruption is just short term and you’ll be able to get back to your regular routine with your nanny soon.

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