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Interview Techniques

If finding a new job is on your radar this summer, you might be wondering what techniques during the interview will help you stand out from other candidates. Whether it’s in-person or virtually, an interview gives you the opportunity to really shine and showcase your personality and expertise. Here are some techniques that will help increase your chances of getting a job offer.


A candidate that is upbeat and positive will be much more attractive to a potential employer than someone who seems unenthusiastic or indifferent about the role. Be approachable, likable, and genuine. Sounding enthusiastic is important, but showing that in an authentic way is what will make you stand out in an interview.

Talk about goals

Before your interview, take some time to write down what your goals are in the next year or two, and determine how that aligns with this job. Be specific and talk about how that plan works with the position. Showing that you are focused and committed to meeting your goals will show your ambition and dedication to being a go-getter.

Highlight your experience

Know what your skills and experience are and sell them to the interviewer. Look closely at the job duties and talk about how your specific expertise can help. If you can share specific examples of how you can complete the job duties outlined in the position, share those. This gives the employer the opportunity to really picture you in that role and see how it can benefit their household.

Ask questions

You are interviewing the employer about the job just as much as they are interviewing you. Working in someone’s home is a very personal thing, so be sure you ask questions that help you feel comfortable about the position. Your questions should be polite and respectful but help give you a well-rounded glimpse into how the home functions, so you can determine if it’s a right fit for your skillset and personality.

At Household Staffing, we have been placing candidates with household employers for over two decades. We know how important it is to find the right match. Contact us today to learn more about how to enjoy our candidate database so you can start interviewing for your dream job soon.

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