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Ways to Show Your Caregiver That You Care

Work as a caregiver is demanding. Some caregivers tend to focus on their patients more than they focus on themselves. If you employ the services of a compassionate caregiver in your home for your loved one, it’s important to show that you care about them and the work they’re doing. Here are some ideas on how you can express your appreciation for your caregiver’s service to your family.

Share something handmade or homemade.

Maybe it’s something you baked that you know your caregiver would enjoy. Perhaps it’s a unique keepsake that you crafted, knitted, or created with wood. Something homemade or handmade is always an appreciated gesture that shows you care.

Give the gift of time.

Time goes quickly and sometimes giving extra time for some rest and relaxation is exactly what your caregiver needs. Surprise your caregiver with a paid day off or an afternoon off. Or, add an extra day or two to their paid vacation days. Enjoying quality time outside of their busy schedule to do what rejuvenates them is something that can work wonders.

Share your words.

A simple thank you card with words expressing a job well done is very meaningful. Life gets busy and sometimes it’s easy to forget to express your gratitude, so a message of thanks is encouraging. In your card, consider adding a gift card for your caregiver’s favorite store or restaurant, a spa, or an airline gift card for them to use toward a vacation or a visit to their family.

Little gestures go such a long way for those who help take care of your loved ones. It encourages them to continue working hard for you and your loved one and lets them know that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

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