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Supporting Children’s Success

Nannies have an incredibly important job. They not only care for kids while the parents are away, but they can also help build life skills and confidence in each child. Working together with the children’s parents is also a great way to help the children in their growth and development so they can see success as adults.

Here are some helpful tips on how nannies and parents can work together.

#1: Communication is key.

Keeping an open line of communication between you and the children’s parents is very important. Work hard to establish trust with the parents and show them how much you value their kids and the family. Be approachable and willing to learn and make sure they know that communication is important to you. Great communication between the two parties will help you talk freely about the children and their needs, so you can both find ways to better help them in their growth, development, and maturity.

#2: Listen to the kids.

Kids have opinions and want to be heard. Make sure you work with the parents to give the children space to process their feelings, emotions, and opinions. This helps build trust between you and the children and shows that you respect and support them.

#3: Meet regularly.

Life can get hectic, but when it is important to check in with the parents you work for on a regular basis. This will give you the opportunity to bring up topics, suggestions, or issues regarding the children, and will give you the space you need to talk. This is also a good time for the parents to bring up any other topics they want to discuss and opens the line of communication even more.

Your goal as a nanny should not only be to take good care of the children you oversee, but to also do what you can to help them grow into successful adults years down the road. Working alongside parents, who know their children best, is one important tool that you will need to use. A great parent-nanny relationship will make your job easier.

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