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The Organized Playroom

Clean Up at the End of Each Playtime

This may seem like a simple, no-brainer tip but, sometimes when you are running out the door to swimming lessons or are ready to eat, it’s incredibly easy to leave the playroom as it is. Instead of waiting to pick it up at the end of each day or waiting until it’s a disaster (let’s be honest, it happens to us all), teach your children that they need to clean up the toys they are currently playing with before moving on to their next activity in the playroom. Additionally, young children respond great to knowing that transitions are coming; so as you approach the end of their playtime, gently remind them that playtime is coming to an end and they need to start cleaning up their toys. As a parent, it’s important to allow time for them to start picking up before you conclude their time in the playroom.

Don’t Keep Old or Unwanted Toys

If your children haven’t played with a toy for six months or more, it’s probably time to toss it, donate it or store it for your next child to keep your playroom clutter free. A couple of great times to do this are summer break and right before the Holidays. If your child is old enough to understand generosity and the benefit of donating unwanted toys, it’s great to include them in the process. If your child is not quite there, and “needs” to keep everything they haven’t touched in the past six months, you may want to go through their toys without them. If you have younger children or plan to have children in the future, pack the toys you would like to keep for them in tubs and store them somewhere they cannot be pulled out by an older child.

Give toys a home

Different types of toys should have different homes, this will help keep an organized playroom. This will help your child avoid having to dump an entire basket of Thomas Trains to find their Paw Patrol puppy. Storage cubes, such as this one from the Land of Nod, are a great way to store different types of toys stylishly and separately. Toys should be grouped together by likeness and toys that are used often should be easily accessible. Along with keeping the toys separated, ensure your child is putting them back in their correct places when they are done playing with them.

Utilize bins and baskets

Along with toys and books having designated homes, having labeled baskets and bins to sort toys in can hide clutter and make your organized playroom beautiful. Reserve the big bins for bulky toys and the little bins for smaller, multipiece toys. There are many options available from lots of different retailers. Check out some of our favorite retailers below.

Land of Nod

Petit Pehr

Pottery Barn Kids

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