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Why Hire a Personal Holiday Chef?

Today, we are giving you a sneak peek into one of the best kept secrets to a stress-free holiday as we discuss reasons to hire a personal holiday chef.

More time

One of the reasons this time of year is so special to all of us is that the holidays are a great avenue for making family memories. One of the most key ingredients in making lasting family memories is time spent together. By hiring a personal holiday chef, you won’t have to spend the entire day, or even the days leading up to your event, preparing for the meal or cooking the food. This frees you up to spend time with those you love the most doing the things you love to do as a family. Hiring a chef to handle your family’s holiday meals is a holiday tradition that continues to give for years to come through the treasured memories you made while your chef handled the work.

Fewer logistics

We all know that high quality, fresh ingredients can make all the difference between a decent meal and gourmet cuisine. Whether you handle the shopping yourself, have a grocery delivery service, or your groceries are managed by household staff timing is everything when it comes to ensuring the ingredients for your meal are fresh. The advantage to hiring a personal holiday chef is that they take the guess work out of when to buy by providing the ingredients for your meal.  As an expert in the culinary arts, your chef will make sure that the ingredients for your meal are in peak condition when they are used for your meal resulting in an experience you and your family won’t soon forget.

Clean kitchen

Perhaps the best thing about hiring a personal holiday chef is knowing that after the meal there will not be a sink full of dishes to be done or a kitchen in disarray to be cleaned. Not needing to worry about these duties means that the party can go on longer and that you are free to enjoy your guests rather than scrubbing pots and pans or directing your household staff. At the end of the night or after your guests have left, you’ll be able to rest easy that everything will be in its proper place in your kitchen in the morning.

Considering hiring a chef for the holidays? Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and schedule you one of our premier personal chefs.

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