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Networking Resources for the Nanny

Nannies play such a big role in the lives of children around the country. They provide love, care, and guidance as they grow and mature, and this is a big undertaking. Networking – or connecting with other peers that work as a nanny – is an important way to find support and ultimately, to be a successful nanny. Unfortunately, sometimes nannies feel isolated as they work in the home with the kids and may not place enough importance on networking. Here are some tips on how to easily network.

Join Facebook groups

Facebook is home to all sorts of groups and there are a lot of nanny-focused groups, as well. Many of the groups are specific to cities in the country, so if you are looking to meet up with nannies in your local area, do a search for some nanny groups in a city near you. There are also other general nanny support groups, both national and international, such as the National Nanny Support Group and Nanny Network. Connecting online gives nannies the opportunity to share questions, get advice, or get information about conferences or other nanny related workshops that could benefit them.

Join the International Nanny Association (INA)

Since 1985, The International Nanny Association (INA) has provided support for nannies, newborn care specialists, and other childcare providers around the world. They have published and updated recommended practices for nannies and childcare providers of all kinds, provides monthly webinars, and much more. The INA also publishes regular content on their blog with helpful tips around relevant topics and has a whole section on its website dedicated to the employment rights of nannies. There are also nanny support groups available.

Keep business cards handy

If you are out and about with the kids at parks, classes, or other errands, keep a few business cards with you. Cards with your name and contact information are a great way to connect with potential families while you are job searching, but they also serve to exchange information with other nannies you might meet while you are around town.

Building a network of support around you, regardless of your career, is always something that can be beneficial. Looking for a new nanny job? We have a variety of positions available in different parts of the country. Contact us today to find the perfect job match!

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