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When you find the right household employee to work in your home, it’s a great relief knowing your home – and the people in it – are in good hands. Once you hire that person, it is important to make sure you do what you can to keep them happy and fulfilled in their position. Consider these helpful ideas on how to do that.

Don’t add extra duties without their approval

Upon initial hire, you are likely to discuss your employee’s primary job duties. At this time, it is very important to come up with a work agreement that outlines what those duties are, what the pay/salary is, and any other benefit information. If you need to add or change any of the duties that were previously agreed upon, you need to discuss that with them in person and get their approval. Don’t switch up their responsibilities with no notice or without any warning. Talk about what changes you need as far in advance as possible, so they can ask questions and consider what that means for their daily work. Once both of you agree, draft a newly written contract that is signed by both parties.

Be mindful of life outside of work

Don’t assume that your household employee can always adjust their hours to meet your changing schedule. Be mindful of their personal lives and their need for time off. Many household employees have families of their own that have schedules and activities, so if they are constantly being overworked or asked to flex, it can create resentment and frustration. Be respectful of their time.

Start their position with competitive pay and benefits

On-the-books compensation is not just the correct thing to do for a household employee, but it’s your legal obligation as a household employee. In addition, make sure the wages and benefits you’re offering are competitive and on track for your local area. If you don’t prioritize fair compensation, neglect to pay overtime, or don’t offer benefits that other employees in similar roles get, then it’s likely your employee won’t stay for the long-term. Invest in your employee well – from the very start – so they invest back in your home for as long as possible.

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