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Household Employee Communication

Communication is key to developing a successful working relationship with your household employees. Having a solid foundation of communication will help navigate issues that arise underneath the roof of your busy home.

Here are some core tips for ideal communication with your employees.

#1: Be specific and concise

Employees appreciate 100% clarity and honesty from their employer. If they know that they have that coming from you, then they will be more apt to giving you clarity and honesty, too. Whether it is a nanny that is communicating with you about a situation involving your children, or a housekeeper that needs clarification about part of her duties, it is important to be forthcoming, concise, and simple. This helps eliminate any confusion and puts your employees on the path to do their job well.

#2: Listen

Listening more than talking is a great skill to have as a household employer. Focus on contributing to a strong working relationship rather than how you can gain from the employee’s work. Listen to their perspective and their opinion. This invites an open dialogue that shows that you value them. It also establishes mutual respect.

#3: Set up a work agreement

When you first hire your employee, establish a written work agreement that outlines some of the key things of their employment: wages/salary, job description, time off, benefits, and pay schedule. You can also include a termination clause and any other pertinent information that may be necessary. The more you have in writing, the better. This eliminates misunderstanding down the road and eliminates the need for awkward communication or conversations about job basics that could have been solved in the beginning.

Our team at Household Staffing knows that your home deserves the best household employees. That is why we work hard to place experienced professionals in homes around the country. They can provide the extra hand you need to keep your home running smoothly. Whether it is a personal chef, a nanny, a companion for your aging loved one, or a housekeeper, we can help! Contact us today so we can assist you in finding the right person for your home.

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