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Household Deep Clean Hints

Germs and bacteria abound on some of the household items that you would least suspect. Here are some important tips on cleaning some of the dirtiest household objects.

Kitchen Sink

It’s true: the thing that you use every day to clean items is one of the dirtiest items in your home. Food and residue will build up in your sink over time, and that’s a bacteria breeding ground. After cleaning your dishes, sprinkle baking soda in the sink, let it stand for several minutes, then scrub it with a soft cloth. Rinse with a disinfectant soap and you’ll soon have a sparkling germ-free sink.

Pet Bowls

You love your pet, but it’s a fact that their bowls are full of bacteria, especially salmonella and even E.coli. Make sure you run the bowls through the wash regularly and invest in some natural pet bowl cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the bowls before refilling your pet’s food or water.


Food particles and bacteria love sponges. They can easily get trapped in there causing mold and bacteria to grow. Soak the sponge in white vinegar for five minutes, as this is more effective in removing bacteria than microwaving it.

Toothbrush holder

These little holders have been known to hold more germs than any other bathroom object, including the toilet. Submerge the toothbrush holder in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to kill bacteria.

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