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Tips for Working at Home with Your Nanny

The traditional work environment has shifted dramatically in recent years – especially since the pandemic. More and more parents are finding themselves working at home or working a hybrid model with some in-office work and the rest at home. This adjustment can be difficult at first, especially when it comes to balancing work and family life. If you have hired a nanny to help during the day while you work, there is a learning curve that comes with it. Here are some tips on how to work at home, while your nanny tends to the children.

Discuss the details with your nanny.

To do your job well, you will need some quiet and some time to focus on the tasks at hand. So, when you hire your nanny, be sure you discuss the specific needs that come with your workday. For example, do you need the area completely quiet so you can conduct meetings or make conference calls? Perhaps you are working with numbers during the day and need some quiet to concentrate on your equations and numerical details. Or perhaps some distractions are okay occasionally and you are okay with the children coming in to check on you. Discuss where you want the nanny and children to be during the duration of the day and what specific requests you have as your workday progresses. This level of communication is important, so you are not left frustrated and so your nanny knows exactly what is expected.

Include your kids in the process.

Depending on how old your kids are, they may find it confusing or sad that they can’t be near you during the day while you’re at home. So, explain to them ahead of time that you are not forgetting them, but that they need to help you by behaving well and listening to the nanny while you’re working. Talking them through the transition of working at home is an important way to make sure they understand the boundaries and can help minimize the stress they might feel being away from you as you work in your office or designated work area.

Each family’s work-at-home situation is unique. Communication is the key to everything running as smoothly as possible. Your nanny is your ally, too. Together, you can establish a system that works well for everyone.

If you have recently started working from you and need the expertise of a nanny to join your family, let our team at Household Staffing help. For over two decades, we have placed experienced nannies with families in homes around the country. Call us today to get the hiring process started.

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