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Traveling with Your Nanny

The school year is winding down and families of all kinds are planning their spring and summer travel adventures. Parents understand that while trips with kids are memorable, fun, and exciting, they can also be exhausting. Whether it’s a road trip or a longer cross-country flight, having your nanny this summer travel with you can bring peace of mind and allow for even more relaxation. Here are some tips to consider.

Consider your nanny’s schedule

If your nanny comes on vacation with you, talk to her ahead of time to determine how many hours you want her to ‘work’ and how much she gets off. If you want to have some evenings without the children, or you want to spend some time exploring the area by yourself, make sure your nanny is okay with the timeline. You should plan to give your nanny some time to relax in the new location, too.

Think about accommodations

Your nanny may be comfortable traveling with you, but they might not be okay with sharing space with you for the whole trip. Discuss what both your family and your nanny are comfortable with in regard to accommodations. For example, you might need to plan for your nanny to have their own bedroom and bathroom in a shared vacation home, or you should provide the option for a separate hotel room or detached apartment for them to have. Consider what your options are and then factor that into your financial plans, as well as your booking plans.

Discuss payment

You should plan on paying your nanny their regular wage, in addition to any expenses that are incurred due to the travel (meals, vehicle rental, separate hotel room, etc). If you normally just have a part-time nanny working in your home and you plan to bring them on full time temporarily during your vacation, make sure to factor in additional wages or any other overtime pay that they are due.

Family vacations are wonderful memory makers. And for many families, their nanny is an important part of their family team and traveling with them is as natural as ever. Ready to hire a great nanny match for your home this spring or summer? Now’s the time to start looking! Let our team at Household Staffing get to know you and your specific job requirements, so we can find the perfect placement in your home as soon as possible. Call us today to get started!

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