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Selecting a Personal Assistant

Do you feel like your days are easily bogged down with endless details that seem to be taking time away from reaching bigger goals or meeting deadlines? Maybe it’s booking appointments, organizing and responding to e-mails your inbox, or running errands.

Hiring a personal assistant can take pressure off you and keep your life running smoothly. Most importantly, a reliable assistant will help you have more time to do what is most important to you, so you can enjoy both your work life and family life.

But, before you hire a personal assistant, there are some important things to discuss with the person to ensure they are the right fit. Here are some tips.


Personal assistants understand how to effectively manage personal duties, juggling many of them at the same time. Perhaps it’s booking travel, managing budgets, helping with larger projects, organizing your appointments, or running errands. Talk to potential candidates about what their background or expertise is so you can make sure to find the person that has the skillset most needed for your life.

Communication Style

Communication is key in any work relationship, but it’s even more important with your personal assistant. Talk about their communication style and how they manage conflict or stress. Then, consider how that aligns with your style and the specific duties that your employee will need to complete. For example, if you need an outgoing assistant that isn’t afraid to speak up during stressful situations or can easily adapt to new, changing situations, it is important to know that. Finding the right complement to your style is imperative, as this can help balance things out and minimize frustration when it comes to talking about important things that you need done.

Required Duties

When you are looking to hire a personal assistant, you will need to have a detailed job description available. Talk through the required duties during interviews and make sure that the person is comfortable with what they are. Then, when you hire the person, be sure to craft a written work agreement that outlines those duties, wage and benefit information, and any other key details relating to the work they’ll be doing for you.


Your personal assistant can work out of your home, your office, or remotely. If it’s important for them to interact in person with you for most of the workday, then they should be near you. If the work is more flexible, consider offering a remote/in office or in home set up.

Household Staffing has a large database of qualified and experienced personal assistants that can get help make your life easier. Call us today to start the hiring process!

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