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Summer Childcare Must-Knows

June 2, 2020

Summer Childcare Must-Knows-COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we know it this year and many families were forced to get creative with how they were balancing work, school, and childcare. Now that summer is here, are you looking for a concrete childcare plan?

Here, we will share some ideas that can help keep your kids well taken care of, while balancing social, educational and emotional needs.

With many summer camps and other traditional avenues of summer activities changed or cancelled due to state lockdowns or restrictions, you will need to do some research on what is open. This might mean you will have to create a patchwork of activities. Some ideas include swimming lessons, volunteering at local community centers or shelters, or hikes around local scenic areas. Many museums are also going virtual this summer, so that offers families flexibility to join in and see one-of-a-kind things around the country. Online theater, music, or art classes are another option that could give your kids an artistic outlet during the summer months.

When it comes to vacations, travel has likely been put on hold for most families. However, there are a variety of other fun outings that could serve as a substitute. Day trips to beaches, lakes, parks, or other scenic walking trails are a great way to get outdoors. Fresh air and exercise are important this summer – especially for the mental health for families that have experienced tremendous change and stress this year.

Finally, it is important to let children have some time to play and create. While adult-led structure is important, scheduling every day and every hour is not necessary. Playing outside and encouraging imagination is just as important as educational activities! No matter what, it is important to take the time to make memories and enjoy the little moments.

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