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Nannying for High-Net-Worth

Choosing a nannying career can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you become part of a child’s life almost instantaneously, but you’re able to invest in them, helping them become kind and compassionate young people and adults. Many nannies work with one family for many years and over time, there is a deep sense of bonding.  Nanny jobs can also be challenging. There are many demands on nannies and it can be tiring at times. Each nanny job is different, too. This can especially be true if you are working with a high-profile, high-net-worth family. Here are some key differences between nannying for an average income family versus a high-net worth family.

Salary and training requirements:

Wealthier families often seek nannies that are highly experienced and trained in child development, newborn care, or are bilingual. Sometimes they may even want a nanny with a college degree. Because these top-tier nannies that have specialized expertise and training in different areas, they are likely to earn larger salaries – sometimes well into the six figures. A family with an average income may not required this level of expertise from their nanny and hence, would not offer such a high salary.


Working with high-net-worth, high-profile families is not your average nanny job. These nannies are often required to put in longer hours, or they may even work in rotation shifts for continual childcare coverage with another nanny, which means four days on and four days off. Many wealthier families have multiple homes that they travel to throughout the year, too. This may mean that you have travel built into your schedule at times, which may not always be the case for a family that doesn’t travel as often.


Because many high-profile families are in the public eye, there are likely to be many rules surrounding privacy and confidentiality in a home of that kind. Nannies in high-net-worth homes may be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, they may have strict rules about photos, walking in public, or even using social media.

Family and home dynamics:

High-net-worth homes often have multiple staff working in the home – for example, a housekeeper, a private chef, security personnel, gardeners, and an estate manager. This requires the nanny to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of that household team. It may mean attending staff meetings more regularly, or it could require obtaining schedules and information solely from the manager rather than the principal/employer. Average families may not have a large team of household staff, so there is less to juggle regarding co-worker dynamics.

Childcare duties:

High-net-worth or high-profile families often require nannies to do more than just take care of the child in their absence. For example, you might be required to teach curriculum at home to the children, or you might need to stand in for parent teacher conferences or doctor’s visits. Average families may require their nannies to provide similar services, such as taking kids to and from appointments, after school activities or lessons, or organizing playdates. Each family has unique needs and requirements, however, and those should be clearly outlined in your work agreement when you are first hired.

Whether you start work as a nanny to a family with a new baby in your neighborhood, or you are hired to work alongside one of America’s most prominent celebrities or government officials, nanny work can be a rich and rewarding experience. Call us today to learn more about available job openings. We’ll work to find the right fit for you!

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