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How to Find Trustworthy Employees

Are you looking to hire a household employee? Finding the right person to work in your home is a very personal decision and one that takes lots of research and consideration. Hiring people with integrity is very important, so here are some tips on how to find the most trustworthy employees available.

#1: Know exactly what kind of employee you want to work with.

When you’re thinking about hiring an employee, make out a detailed list of features you’re looking for in the person. This could include things like what types of skills, attitudes, or moral values they have. When it comes to the hiring process, keep this list handy and as you meet and get to know people, don’t settle for anything less. Trust your instincts, too. If your gut feeling says that a candidate won’t be the right fit, move on to the next candidate interview.

#2: Look at personality.

Skills and experience are both very important things when hiring a household employee. But don’t forget to spend some time delving into what makes the person tick on a personal level. Talk to them about their lives and what they’re passionate about. What do they enjoy doing outside of work? What is their family like? When people can talk about themselves on a personal level you can start to get a good sense of who they are and if they will be someone you can connect with and trust.

#3: Follow up.

Some people might see people’s references on their resume, but they will fail to contact them after the interview is over. It is very important that you call each reference that is listed and ask them detailed questions about the candidate. Feel free to ask them questions about the candidate’s trustworthiness or honesty, too. This is a very important step that will give you some key insights about the character of the candidate.

Working with a reputable agency to hire your next employee is one of the best ways to find the perfect match for your in-home employee. We screen our candidates and will not refer anyone that we wouldn’t place in our own home. And remember, if you do hire someone and it doesn’t end up working out, we will replace a candidate for any reason if your guarantee is still valid. Household Staffing aids in the success of your placement and has a 98.7% retention rate, so contact us today to start the hiring process!

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