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Why Hire an Executive Housekeeper?

Your home is a busy place and with the day-to-day activities that keep you on the run, there is often little time left to do house cleaning, organizing, and laundry. In fact, you might just have to put it off for days at a time, making things pile up even more!

Enter: an executive housekeeper.

Different than just a house cleaner that comes once a week, an executive housekeeper will likely work full time in your home. This person understands how to deep clean, in addition to oversee the detailed organization of your home, such as organizing your wardrobe or pantry or labeling children’s clothes. Some executive housekeepers will clean and fold laundry, as well.

An executive housekeeper will also know how to keep your home spic and span, cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms of the home daily. They will also know how to set formal tables for dinner parties or special occasions and will understand etiquette protocol. Executive housekeepers often live with the family in separate accommodations. Others live off-site but work full-time at the residence.

Hiring an executive housekeeper will ensure your house is kept clean and organized, exactly how you like it. When you find the right employee match, discuss in detail what duties are required in a written work agreement. In addition to this, outline wages and payment schedule, along with any information about health benefits and paid time off.

And last, don’t forget that you are a household employer and are required to pay your executive housekeeper with legal pay that is filed on the books. Your employee is not an independent contractor and by law, you’re required to withhold appropriate taxes to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to file.

Do you need an extra hand around your home? Hiring an executive housekeeper is one of the best decisions you can make. Call us today to start the search!

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