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What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

Nannies enjoy working with children and have made their life’s career into working with them and supporting families around the world. Some nannies work specifically with certain age groups. A newborn care specialist is one. This is a career nanny who has completed additional training, classes, or certification in the areas of newborn care. Some things that a newborn nanny might specialize are sleep training, lactation consultation, or early childhood development.

A newborn care nanny helps provide new parents the support they need, helping educate them and provide an extra hand as they adjust to their new rhythm. They can help with feedings, assist with soothing the baby and can help provide techniques that can do that, and help with baby basics like bathing, diapering, and bottle preparation. They can also help with care while parents sleep, so you can catch up on rest and feel better prepared to tackle any curveballs that the newborn stage throws at you.

Newborn care specialists can begin working with families at any stage the family prefers. Some families hire the nanny a couple of weeks before the baby is born, so they can get to know the family and help with birth preparation. Others join the family after the baby is born, usually within the first couple of weeks. They can stay with the family through the first several months, while some families choose to have the nanny work for the entire first year of the child’s life.

A qualified newborn care specialist is a professional nanny that is caring and ready to step in and help make parenthood a little less daunting. Ready to start the hiring process and find a newborn nanny to work in your home?

Our team at Household Staffing has been helping place nannies in homes around the country for more than two decades. Call us today to learn more about how we can help find the right match for you.

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