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How De-Cluttering Can Help You De-Stress

Your home is a special place. It should offer a space for comfort, relaxation, and bonding with your family. But, if it’s cluttered, this could be hindering these things and could cause you more stress than you think.

In a world where consumerism is promoted and idealized, it’s easy to have things accumulate quickly in your home. Maybe it’s closets full of clothes you don’t wear, or maybe it’s a garage or basement are that are so full of clutter, that you try to avoid it because you know the stress it will bring. However, too much “stuff” can influence your ability to focus and clear your head. This, in turn, can be processed as stress.

So, how can you de-clutter your home and get rid of unnecessary stress? Here are some helpful tips.

Take it one step at a time.

Perhaps there are several spots in your home that need your attention. First, get the whole family involved and tackle one space at a time. Make three piles as you begin to sort through the items: discard, donate, or keep. Completing a de-clutter project is best managed by taking one space on at a time, so you don’t feel overwhelmed at the overall project.

Form new habits.

This is difficult, but it can be done. Start training yourself to form new habits that keep you on track toward organization and cleanliness. For example, instead of tossing something in a pile that will eventually just grow larger, file or put it away in the right spot, the first time. Invest in some baskets, bookshelves, or storage containers that will help you stay organized.

Bring in the professionals.

Our team at Household Staffing understands that running a household takes a lot of time and energy. We match families around the country with housekeepers that are experienced and ready to help keep your home organized, clean, and tidy – no matter what time of year it is. There’s nothing better than knowing that your home will be kept in tip top shape for you, your family, and guests. Not to mention, you will have no stress about keeping on top of the cleaning. Your new housekeeper will do it all.

Contact us today to discuss what specific needs you have for hiring a live-in or live-out housekeeper.

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