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Benefits of Hiring a Chief of Staff

If you own a large private estate, own a business, or have a combination of both, you understand how complex it can be to direct the innerworkings of everything. The busy nature of these duties requires the skill and expertise of a professional Chief of Staff. This person is responsible for the management of your office, multiple estates or businesses. Oftentimes, business executives, professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities, or other high-profile clients will have a Chief of Staff at their side, overseeing the challenges and complexities of their estate or businesses. Hiring for this role provides you with a variety of benefits.

Key duties that a chief of staff is accountable for:

Management of privacy and security efforts

Your estate and/or your business requires a high level of security. Your chief of staff will take your privacy concerns and preferences seriously. That means they will find, acquire and direct security experts that work for the home or business, and if there are security personnel on staff, they will create guidelines and protocols to follow, ensuring you, your family, and assets are protected.

Home or business maintenance

The maintenance of your estate or business is another primary responsibility of the chief of staff. This person will work directly with you to listen to your goals and needs, so you can rest knowing that all maintenance needs are completed with the utmost attention to detail. Whether it’s repairs that happen occasionally or something bigger, such as a full scale construction project, remodel or other change to a home or business, your chief of staff serves as the liaison between you and contractors, repair companies, and other maintenance professionals working on your property.

Financial and business management

Having a reliable and trustworthy chief of staff is an invaluable addition to your estate or your business operations. This person will help create and manage your estate’s budget and track expenses. Depending on the estate’s specific needs, the chief of staff may create monthly or weekly reports or oversee specific investments.

Other chief of staff duties might include:

  • Event coordination
  • Vacation planning
  • Coordinating philanthropic efforts
  • Hiring, training, and supervision of other staff in the home or business
  • Conflict resolution between employees
  • Managing private jets, yachts, or helicopters
  • Developing work agreements or training manuals for other household staff
  • Creating work schedules for household staff

What to Look for in a Chief of Staff Candidate

Your chief of staff should be trustworthy, have experience in managerial roles, and comfortable supervising people in other positions. Business and project management, including work in accounting, or other education related to money and finance, are also incredibly helpful. Because your estate is a big part of your personal and professional life, it is important to ensure you trust the person and communicate well with them.

Why Choose Household Staffing?

The chief of staff position is one of the most important roles in your home. The position is not a one-size-fits-all role, either. Each estate is different – some can be more complex than others. That’s why it’s important that you find the right person that has the type of experience your specific home needs.

We get to know your specific requirements and work hard to find the ideal candidate that checks all those boxes. Working with our experienced team at Household Staffing means you can relax and let us do all the research, background checks, and more to find and introduce top-notch candidates to you. We have more than three decades of experience curating and placing top-tier professionals in estates of all kinds around the country.

There is great peace of mind that comes with having a chief of staff serve as your right-hand person. Call us today to start the process of hiring an experienced chief of staff!

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