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Ethics for Executive Assistants

An honest executive is an invaluable asset to a home or business. In a best-case scenario, you become the right-hand person that can handle almost everything important for the executive you are working with. This role requires not just incredible attention to detail, but trustworthiness, too. You become privy to sensitive information like financials, salaries, internal conflicts, and much more. Having the discretion to handle these things with caution and the utmost respect demonstrates that you are a dependable part of the team and can be trusted for the long term. Here are some ethics tips to keep in mind as you navigate your executive assistant role.

Protect sensitive information

If the executive you’re working for does not already have a system in place to securely save passwords and personal information, talk to them right away about finding a system that can do that. Protecting the executive’s accounts should be a high priority, so work together to find a way to keep those things in one place without giving up confidentiality.

Be transparent

Working with confidential or personal information is part of your job as an executive assistant. If other people ask questions that could cause you to leak sensitive information, be upfront immediately and tell them you are not at liberty to share. Most people understand that your role requires confidentiality, and they will understand that sensitive information needs to be kept quiet. Being transparent and honest at all times helps build trust between you and the executive you are working with and also establishes boundaries with others around you.

Report unethical behavior

Unfortunately, there is unethical behavior in business sometimes. If you come across this, it is important for you to come forward and report it. Doing this allows the executive and/or the leadership team to handle the situation. Speak directly with the facts and if you have documentation, provide that.

Maintaining strong ethics in the workplace and holding to your values of integrity and transparency creates a positive work environment that cultivates trust.

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