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Winter Travel With Your Staff

Winter is right around the corner and many people are planning business trips, long holiday weekends, or trips in the coming months. Whether you’re planning to take your nanny, personal assistant, or other household employee with you, it’s important to keep these tips in mind as you travel with your staff.

Discuss pay and/or expenses in advance.

While you’re planning the trip, be sure you discuss, expenses, pay, hours, and other duties with your staff members – especially if these things are not discussed in detail in your employee’s contract. Your staff should be paid their regular wages, plus any overtime. This includes travel time to and from the destination. All hotel or room accommodations and meals should be covered. Sometimes, employers choose to include an additional daily travel stipend that covers other miscellaneous expenses or excursions.

Have emergency plans in place.

Unexpected events happen. Your staff member could get sick or have an accident before or even during the trip. That’s why it is important to have an emergency plan in place. Make sure you have access to cash if needed, the contact information for your staff’s emergency contact, or any medication or allergy information that you may end up needing. It is always better to be on the safe side instead of being left in a situation where you or your employee’s safety or health may be put at greater risk.

Organize hotel or room accommodations.

Will your employee be staying in your guest house? Perhaps you’re staying at a hotel or renting a spacious condo on the beach. Talk to each staff member about their accommodations before you leave. If you plan on having them stay in a different location, talk about transportation and plan to compensate them accordingly. If you’re planning on reimbursing your employee for travel expenses incurred, be clear about what’s covered and how they need to document those expenses.

Be clear about duties and expectations.

Traveling can be stressful at times, so it’s important to avoid miscommunications as much as possible. Be sure to set clear expectations about job duties during the trip. Will the staff’s responsibilities change temporarily or will they be required to do their regular job duties? For example, do you expect your personal assistant to plan your agenda and make reservations in advance? Let that person know well ahead of time what you need completed. Or, if you’re traveling with your children and their nanny, will you require the nanny to work additional hours while you go enjoy an evening meal?

Keep communication at the center of everything.

Clear communication from the beginning is crucial – both while traveling and while at home. This helps minimize confusion, frustration, or even disputes regarding pay, hours, or job duties.

At Household Staffing, we are proud to find qualified, trustworthy, and experienced domestic staff for our clients across the country. Whether you’re looking or a nanny, a compassionate senior caregiver, a personal assistant, or a household manager, we can find the right person that fits you home and unique lifestyle. Call us today to start the hiring process!

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