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We believe it is not just enough to find a qualified person to fill a job. We pursue exceptional candidates that become an integral part your family. Whether you are seeking a housekeeper, nanny, executive housekeeper, personal assistant, or another domestic staff, we make it easy for you to meet and hire the best through our personalized service approach.

"Hiring someone to work in your home is a very personal decision and demands personalized service. Household Staffing provides a high-caliber, in-home staffing agency experience. Our people know what it takes to find great candidates."

Starla Smith
President, Household Staffing

Household & Estate



Executive Housekeeper

Domestic Couple


Body Guard

Security Guard

Companion Care


Summer Household Staff

Household Manager


Estate Manager

Property Caretakers

Childcare & Education

Private Educator



Nanny Teacher-Tutor

Newborn Night Nanny

Male Nanny

Nanny-Family Assistant

Summer Nanny

Specialty Sport Nanny

Nanny-Pet Care

Newborn Care Specialist

After School Care


Specialty Language Tutor

Lifestyle & Hospitality

Executive Assistant 

Personal Assistant

Human Resource Director

Private Chef-Cook

Personal Trainer

Flight Crew

Yacht Crew

Family Office Assistant

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Recognizing Nannies

the entire month of September

A week is just not enough time to celebrate our nannies that mean so much to the families they work for. This September, we’ll be sharing some of our most talented provider’s stories, inspiration and awarding fantastic prizes each week!