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Nanny Agency Princeton, NJ. We make life easier for you to find and meet a great nanny to hire. At Household Staffing, We only place applicants whom we would place in our own homes.

Nanny Agency, Princeton NJ

Household Staffing’s Nanny Agency’s Personal Approach to Finding Your Princeton, NJ Nanny

HouseholdStaffing.com opened it doors to our Princeton’s neighboring town, Pennington, New Jersey office in 2000.  The world wide web has made it possible for our continued service of placing exceptional nannies with exceptional families. Princeton University staff, student and facility or our most recent J & J executive, HouseholdStaffing.com is the agency to call when you need to hire a Princeton nanny agency for your family.

Household Staffing is so confident we will get your nanny right the first time, we guarantee it.

Some of Our Qualified Princeton, NJ Providers

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Provider HS23114

Princeton, NJ (within 1 mile)

I am Jane. I came to the USA more than 20 years ago to continue my graduate study. After obtained my M.S. degree from Cornell, I worked in a Genetics research company before I became a stay-at-home mother for the next twenty years. Several years ago, I started to work with children and families after my son left for college. First I worked in child care centers, then elementary school as assistant teacher, science teacher and tutor. I also worked part time to help families with before and after care, tutoring, housekeeping and other needs. For the last one and half years, I have been taking care of a baby full time while helping several other families cooking, cleaning, babysitting and tutoring during evenings/nights and weekends. I also teach Kindergarten and 7th grade classes at a weekend Chinese school. During my spare time, I enjoy a cup of coffee in the early morning. I also love to be close to the nature, cooking and listening to audio books and reading. Child care and housekeeping have been my field for the last twenty years or so, even though I worked for my own child and family in the past while I am working for other families right now. I enjoy taking care of children, giving them guidance and helping them grow. I also like to serve others with the skills that I am good at. I believe that I am a good employee and I strive to do so every day. I have strong work ethic. I care about others, I care about the quality of my work and I work very hard. I am willing to listen, to learn. I will try my best to improve. I feel very satisfied at the end of the day, when I see the children\'s happy faces and their newly learned skills, the tidy house, the clean clothes and the spotless kitchen filled with delicious smell of tasty dishes... due to my tireless help and hard work. To continue to do what I am doing right now: being a great nanny, housekeeper and tutor; to continue to serve, to learn, to improve, to appreciate and to enjoy life are what I am planning to do for a long long time. I had served my own family for more than 20 years, would love to help your family now!

  • English
  • Chinese

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Provider HS4433

Pennington, NJ (within 6 miles)

I am very commited and responsible person. I can take care of children and also do a housekeeping work.

  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian

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Provider HS11717

Lawrenceville, NJ (within 7 miles)

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