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Employee Retention Tips

The labor shortage and the ability to find and retain qualified employees is still making headlines everywhere. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that you keep your employees happy in their role. That’s why establishing trust and maintaining an open line of communication from day one is key. Here are some other employee retention tips to keep in mind.

Always keep respect at the forefront

Hiring a household employee is a personal decision. They work closely with you in your home and ensuring that there is mutual respect is critical. Respect means honoring their time, not expecting them to share about personal things if they don’t want to, and not putting them in uncomfortable positions where they feel compromised personally or ethically. In the same way, you should also expect your employee to respect your home, personal boundaries, and house rules.

Establish job duties and stick with them

When you hire your employee, it’s a great idea to draft a work agreement that clearly outlines job responsibilities. Once your employee starts work, stick to those duties and don’t add more in there unless it is clearly discussed and agreed upon. If there are misinterpretations or uncommunicated expectations about the role, it can cause distrust or frustration, and even a feeling of disrespect. If the job description needs to change at all, talk to your employee about that and ensure both parties are on the same page.

Don’t control

Employees don’t like the feeling of being controlled or micromanaged. If there are things that you want changed or fixed, discuss them respectfully, but not overly criticize or nitpick. Over time, this can make your employee feel beat down and could cause a lack of performance, and they may even quit unexpectedly.

Thank them

An attitude of gratitude is important for any employer-employee relationship. If you see your employee doing a great job or going the extra mile, say thank you. Write a thank you note, provide regular bonuses, and offer benefits that show that you care about your employee’s health and wellbeing. All these things validate your employee’s hard work and makes them feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

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