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From good old home cooking to the most sophisticated pallet, Our team of culinary artists will craft delicious meals and can even run errands for you.

Personal Chefs & Cooks

Are you  busy and don’t enjoy cooking or simply don’t have the time or desire to prepare a meal at the end of a long day?

If you are you tired of eating unhealthy or prepared food, a personal cook or chef is the answer.

Hiring a Personal chef or cook used to be a luxury. Today, it will surprise you just how affordable hiring a cook who will shop, prepare meals and clean up after dinner can be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relax after dinner with your family and have the Cook clean up? Our personal cooks will plan meals for you, and can also will run errands, drive and pick up children, and even do laundry.

A personal chef or cook for your home or business staff is one of the best moves you’ll make for you, your family’s health and happiness.

Do you have allergies or dietary restrictions? No problem. HouseholdStaffing.com has a team of culinary professionals that cater meals to a variety of dietary needs or personal preferences.

Many personal chefs are well-versed in the following services:

  • Meal planning, including those with dietary or allergy restrictions
  • Grocery shopping
  • Detailed instruction on handling and re-heating prepared meals
  • Dinner set up and clean up
Some of our Qualified Professionals

Personal Chef 23418

I am very excited to have found this opportunity. With my experience and expertise I will prove to be a valuable addition to an already thriving organization. In my 18 years in the Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industry I have taken on many roles with ever increasing responsibility to growing and more complex food service groups and systems. I am a motivated individual with a passion for this industry, good product and the people that work in it. I have worked in the abstract to development and create restaurant concepts and innovated existing businesses. I thrive in the challenging and ever changing environment that exist in restaurants. My responsibilities always consisted in a balance of creative project management and practical operations including menu development, food research & design, to staffing and managing product and capital flow. All of these efforts have led to national recognition and regional accolades. I have confidence that together my expertise and your company will be able do something special.

Personal Chef 7100

I have 20+ years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience with a passion for healthy, organic, artisanal farm to table cuisine with a classical French culinary education. You will enjoy my extensive knowledge and experience in kitchen, bar and dining room management as well as daily household, staff, food and labor budgets, and vendor management.

  • Classically trained in an array of American regional and international fare exhibiting boundless creativity in the preparation of gourmet cuisines celebrating local ingredients
  • Expertise in healthy, organic, spa, kosher, allergy, and special dietary preparations
  • Exceptional leadership, communication (both written and verbal), organizational, culinary, and knife skills
  • Able to create, manage and promote a professional, clean, safe, positive, and highly motivated work environment including a genuine love for working with children and animals
  • 20 years of professional experience in menu planning, ingredient procurement, and meal preparation for large and intimate events in both formal and casual environments


Private Chef 7121

I am a Private Chef and 2nd Housekeeper with many years of experience experience serving multiple private estates. You can be confident in my ability to manage daily functions in the kitchen with an emphasis on flexibility in an ever changing environment.

  • Managed all of the daily functions of the household including meal preparations, household bill payment, and special function coordination
  • Organized all of the clients travel arrangements, packing, unpacking and special laundering
  • Maintained a rigorous daily schedule for the clients ensuring that appointments were kept on time
  • Daily provisioning for the freshest local produce, highest quality meats, groceries, and supplies as needed for the household and private yacht
  • Managed bank accounts and weekly accounting for the household


Personal Chef 7436

Currently employed full-time as a chef at exclusive golf club. Most of my education is in Early Childhood Ed with special courses in Infant/Toddler.
I can take a simple dish and plate it interesting and in an attractive manner. I have worked in private homes , can follow instructions given by my employer and can accept factual criticism with a positive attitude.

I have experiences with organic ingredients, knowledge of restrictions related to diet. Skilled at using homegrown fresh fruits, vegetable and other food ingredients. I am available to work weekends for special events.

Private Chef 7256

10 years of successful experience in food service, preparing various types of gourmet food. Skilled in all kitchen equipment and various cooking technique. Committed to providing total quality service in culinary arts. Experienced and talented personal chef with a broad range of cuisine specialties to share in a variety of venues. I also specialize in healthy living lifestyle. I have worked in restaurants and in private homes. When working in the private arena the demands more personal but I find it to be more rewarding. Prepared healthy, fresh and seasonal organic food as per given schedule.Performed amicable with personal assistant of family to develop menus every week. Managed inventory and grocery purchase.

Prepared high volume meals for social and professional gatherings held at private residence.Planned, developed, organized and implemented menus for all snacks, lunch and dinner followed by dessert.

Private Chef & House Manager 13799

After my retirement from the Navy, I eventually pursued a career in catering. Food has been my passion since childhood, when my grandmother, a professional chef, taught me everything she knew. Throughout my world travel, I found chefs to increase my knowledge with hands-on instruction. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America because I wanted to understand it all. I wanted the best. I have a heart for private service. For the past nine years, my personal pleasure has been to serve private homes, both as a chef and household manager. I love the daily creativity and problem solving required for the job. I’ve been called Susie Homemaker, Martha Stewart and Momma Chef. Best of all, I get to use my intuition. Once I get to know my principals, I can anticipate what they desire before they know it themselves.

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