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Hiring a Nanny

Types of Specialty Nannies

Working as a nanny with a family you love has many rewards. Providing personalized attention to the family’s children allows you to be a loving, nurturing, and trustworthy companion for the kids and over time, you will create a bond with the family that is unlike any other. In addition to the traditional nanny that… Read more »

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How a Bilingual Nanny Can Teach Your Kids a Foreign Language

The benefits of learning another language are many and because of that, many parents are choosing to raise their children to be bilingual. But what if you don’t speak a second language? Enter the bilingual nanny. One of the most effective ways to teach your children a second language is to fully immerse them in… Read more »

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Nannies with College Degrees: Why They’re Valuable

Many families around the country are looking for a qualified nanny to work in their home and provide care for their children. But a nanny that has experience plus a college degree often has an advantage over those that have not completed college. While experience working with children is valuable and important to have, nannies… Read more »

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Nanny vs. Day Care: Weighing Your Options

Would your child thrive in an environment with more people, or would your child fare better with one-on-one attention?  The thing to keep in mind is that both day care AND nanny services are excellent options and that choosing one or the other does not determine your value as a parent.  Below we’ve listed some… Read more »

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