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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I engage Household Staffing when hiring?

Most candidates are looking for positions immediately. You should approach us to begin your search 30-60 days in advance, and be prepared to hire someone as soon as you find the correct match. In most cases, we are capable of placing someone in your home immediately. However, every job is different and some positions may take some time to find the most qualified individual.

What information will I receive about a candidate prior to the interviewing process?

Household Staffing will provide you a detailed outline for each candidate’s education, experience, hobbies, personality traits and work history online prior to the interviewing process. All personal information is kept private and confidential until a hire is made.

Most candidates have written references from former employers who you are more than welcome to contact. Please remember, companies and employers are only required by law to verify dates of employment and wages.

Many of our clients elect to screen family relatives of the candidate they have elected to hire. We want to be certain that you know the background of everyone associated with your household. Additional fees will apply.

How do you screen applicants and when does the screening process take place?

Every candidate we consider for placement is required to pass our 6 point verification process. This process includes:

  • Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation
  • Nationwide Sex & Violent Offenders Search
  • Certified 10-Panel Drug Screening
  • Motor Vehicle Record Report
  • References Verification
  • Exceptional Experience & Work History

Our staff conducts an initial screenings investigation prior to introducing you to the candidate. Completed screenings are performed once you elect to employ a candidate. This assures that you have the most recent results available. Typical results are returned within one week.

What should I expect to pay my new hire?

Hourly rates depend on your location and experience level of the candidate. Live out can range from $17 to $30 per hour.

Salaries depend on your location and experience level of the candidate. Live in can range from $700 to as high as $2,000 per week.

If you choose to offer benefits, each employee should have their own individual benefits package. Many packages include some of the following: vacation, sick & personal days, health, life, disability & workers compensation insurances, 401k, car expenses & insurance.

What fees and taxes am I responsible for when hiring though Household Staffing?

Our current application fee for domestic employers is $199. This fee is valid for one year and is the only obligation you have with Household Staffing, unless we introduce you to a suitable candidate, which you elect to employ.

Once you elect to employ a candidate, a placement fee shall be deemed earned. Please call us for current placement fee rates.

As a domestic employer, you are required to remit taxes for your employee. Your employee by law is not considered a 1099 contractor. We encourage you to utilize one of the many private services available to help you prepare and return the appropriate taxes for your employee. Household Staffing will coordinate these service options with you.

Can I directly hire a candidate who Household Staffing has introduced to me either now or in the past?

No. You are obligated to compensate Household Staffing for the Application and Placement Fees should you engage any candidate we’ve introduced you to for any type of employment. We reserve the right to pursue any legal action in the event you fail to do so.

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