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Using an agency will make the hiring process smoother and safer. There are many reasons why a nanny agency can greatly benefit you.

  • The best and brightest nannies are not trolling the want ads or posting their profiles on job boards.  Nanny Agencies are networked with the highest caliber and experienced nannies.
  • Access to professional nannies. The best nannies choose this profession because it’s their calling.
  • Online Nanny Job Boards do not prescreen their submission. Literally anyone with a computer can post a nanny profile. There is a tremendous risk involved in contacting strangers.
  • Nanny Placement agencies prescreen all of their applicants prior to submitting candidates to families.
  • In-depth interviews and candidate assessment.
  • Background checks. Typically a state and criminal background check, job history, driver’s license, social security verification.
  • Experienced Nanny Placement specialists who are intuitive and skilled at “reading between the lines” to carefully matching your family’s needs with the right candidate in terms of competencies, personality and parenting philosophy.
  • Low Turn-over. Families that utilize a Nanny Placement Agency experience an astonishingly lower rate of employee turnover.
  • Tremendous Time Saver. With dedicated staff, a nanny placement agency can move faster than you can squeeze a candidate search and screening process in between work, family, household responsibilities, and other commitments.
  • Coverage of contingencies:If your staff is ill or on a planned vacation, many agencies offer coverage so your family schedule and commitments are not interrupted.
  • Most nanny placement agencies offer a placement guarantee.
  • Peace of mind. You can’t put a price on that.

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