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Running your household can be alot of work. Trust us to find you the best nanny housekeeper for your family.

Nanny Housekeepers

Caring for your children and managing the upkeep of your home is a full time job. We know it can be overwhelming and sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done. Need help? Our team is ready to place a qualified nanny housekeeper in your home to help make your life easier.

A nanny housekeeper is the best of both worlds.

Want more time for your family and less time prepping dinner and cleaning bathrooms? You and your family can benefit greatly from a nanny housekeepers wide range of housekeeping and childcare services. Whether it’s picking up the dry cleaning, preparing school lunches and dinners, grocery shopping, or organizing your home, a nanny housekeeper can complete just about any task you need.

HouseholdStaffing’s Nanny Housekeeper Personal Hiring Process

Our rigorous and personalized hiring process is one of a kind: we get to know your family’s needs and then search for the perfect nanny housekeeper match based on what you tell us. All nanny housekeepers have passed a thorough application and interview process and meet specific criteria before we even put them into our system of highly qualified candidates:

  1. Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation
  2. Nationwide Sex and Violent Offenders Search
  3. Certified 10-Panel Drug Screening
  4. Motor Vehicle Record Report
  5. Past References Verification and Review of Social Media Accounts
Some of our Qualified Nanny Housekeepers

Nanny Housekeeper 3908

Originally from the Dominican Republic. I have been working with families for many years as a nanny and light housekeeping. I love children and have been a babysitter since I was 14 years old. I have worked for various families and have experience with detailed cleaning, organizing, laundry, ironing, mopping, dusting, waxing, polishing, and sweeping, I love what I do and take a lot of pride in my work and my cleaning. I am a very organized person that loves kids and pets. I am always prompt, on time and she is looking to do what makes the client happy when it comes to cleaning and caring for your home. I was referred to your agency as you came highly recommended through a friend who was placed with you.

Nanny Housekeeper 18320

Bi-lingual housekeeper and nanny with extensive experience caring for children. Worked as a stay-home nanny, taking care of children of any age. Flexible and adaptable to the family needs, and enjoy working with young people and pets. Organized and efficient, maintains house cleaning and in immaculate order. Willing to travel domestically and internationally. Able to work weekends and/or during the week, as necessary.

Baby Nanny and Housekeeper 11913

Since I came to this country I have worked as a housekeeper and nanny. I am very organized, a quick individual and can catch on quickly. I have started all of my jobs with newborns. I work for Doctors, bank owners, dentists of twins and even someone with 6 children. I prefer to work with no more than 3 children. This way I do not have to manage all of the children’s schedule. I need to live in and prefer to work on the East Coast or in Los Angelos. My children are all grown and live on the East Coast and the other in Los Angelos.

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