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HouseholdStaffing.com, Inc. Published: March 29, 2017


Central Park West Family seeking a nanny with a "can do" attitude. to work Monday through Friday 1230 pm to 830pm. Must be comfortable working in tangent with a stay at home mom. 
First and foremost is someone who will keep the kids safe. Ideal candidate will have experience traveling around new york city and knows how to navigate the streets and buses. Second is someone with a good attitude and a smile on her face.  Need someone who is capable on their own but able to take direction and does not need to be "handled carefully." Need someone who is comfortable with mom taking the lead but someone who does not need to be told what to do at every juncture. Someone who is high energy and able to keep up with the running around the city. Someone who will be kind and loving to the children but will also be able to get them to listen and do what they are told. Ideal candidate will be flexible and able to handle change. Ideal candidate will also be resourceful and able to set boundaries. We would expect you to respect our rules which are fairly reasonable, An example would be if our children are not supposed to have candy, Don't give them candy. 
We need someone who is able to work with and coordinate with mother regarding schedule. Mom will usually pick up 2 younger children from school at 12:30 and then take to activities or home depending on needs. Older child finishes school at 3. May go back to pick her up or may stay with younger children at home or activities. Take kids to park to play sports and/or run around. Help prepare dinner. Some days dinner will already be prepared. Other days, nanny may need to cook. Help bathing the children, brushing their teeth and getting them ready for bed. On days housekeeper is off, ideal candidate will tidy up the kitchen and heat dinner for parents. Nanny will also help keep kids rooms and play area tidy, keep closets organized, and do kids laundry. When time permits, nanny may be asked to grocery shop, run errands and research activities, clothing needs for kids, etc. 
We are seeking a long term placement.

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