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Estate Staffing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]HouseholdStaffing will help you hire a professional estate staffing individual that is the right fit for your family. If you are looking for a top estate manager, sommelier, personal assistant or household manager, you can trust that leads the industry and the only agency to call. We place the most well-rounded and experienced private service staff and estate managers in fine homes throughout the country. From property maintenance to finance management, our household estate staff are the leaders who operate with the finest standards of service

Every estate is different, so we understand that your estate manager needs to meet your specific requirements. Our personalized service approach ensure we will match you with the perfect estate staff. Our team can provide the following services:

  • Hiring, training, and management of all household staff
  • Running all household financial matters including budgets, bookkeeping, and payroll
  • Planning and booking travel arrangements
  • Supervision of outside construction projects and ground maintenance
  • Managing household security
  • Organizing and running large events and parties
  • Other errands as needed

Why choose us?

Established for the last 20 years, our domestic staff recruiting process has a positive reputation among our clientele as well as our staff. We’re experienced in placing first class household staff within private homes across the country and our exclusive candidate screening process ensures you have access to only the best household staff available.

Let our team introduce the right candidate to you today!

Our mandatory candidate screening approach to hiring the right person for your home will guarantee that you’re getting a qualified person that you can trust completely. Get started & let us help you find an experienced professional to work with today.

Some of Our Qualified Estate Staff

Estate Manager 12098

Educated with an Accounting Degree, I have worked with PNC Bank, New York Life Insurance Company and Wells Fargo. I am looking to utilize my experiences and knowledge for opportunities outside my professional background.  I am open to working as an estate manager, executive housekeeper, chauffeur or even an executive personal assistant in charge of managing and running your home.  My family migrated here in Pennsylvania last year.  I am been working as a full-time/part-time homemaker for them; cleaning the house, groceries shopping, running errands, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, budgeting and organizing and also cook delicious food for them. I am known as “Mr. Mom”.

Estate Manager 8764

  • 10+ years of Household & Estate Management experience
  • Extensive construction management background
  • Adept in working within a fast paced, high stress & ever-changing environments
  • Self motivated, pro-active, hands on, goal and task driven & results oriented
  • Proven ability to analyze details while solving both routine and complex problems
  • Keen eye with the utmost attention to detail
  • Able to manage shifting priorities and meet deadlines
  • Trustworthy and honest; proven track record of protecting the Principals interests
  • 4 year study of Spanish, ability to learn new languages quickly


Estate Manager 4592

I am seeking a position as a Butler/House Manager and Sommelier. I have worked in fine home’s, 5 star hotels and cruise ships and you can expect your home will be run as efficiently as a well oiled machine.  I am kind, honest and a hardworking and will walk on my hands if i have to. My responsibilities included hiring and training staff, liaising with the lady and gentleman, taking care of each meal as a marriage of culinary arts, merging the art collection and liaising with award winning celebrity chef. Preparing wine lists and organizing the upkeep of thousands of bottles of wine dating back to the 1700’s. I would carefully select wines to enhance each course as the finishing touch. Running and maintaining 3 residences, cleaning polishing and maintaining an extensive collection of decorative silver, ceramics and fine art glass. Maintain the fleet of cars, and maintain staff accommodation on the estate.

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