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Domestic Couples

A domestic couple team can simplify your home and life.

Domestic Couples

HouseholdStaffing has domestic couples that bring a unique set of skills to your family and as a team. Our Domestic Couples can help manage, oversee,  and maintain the interior and exterior of your home including:

  • Menu preparations for both formal and informal meals
  • Laundry, ironing, wardrobe care, dry cleaning, packing and unpacking, storing seasonal clothing
  • Hire, train, and supervise support staff
  • Maintain vehicles
  • Provide pet care
  • Assist with entertaining, event planning, and business meetings
  • Oversee payroll, budget preparation, and bookkeeping
  • Manage inventory of household equipment and supplies
  • Provide and control child care service
  • Answer phones, email correspondence, and take notes
Some of our Qualified Domestic Couples

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My wife and I came to the United States in August of 2012 to “Look for Greener Pastures”. I am experienced in both professional and domestic skills having worked for a high profile family. I am an excellent cook and  a “Jack of All Trades”. We have always handled everything it takes to make a home run smoothly. While my wife worked a a housekeeper, I was the families houseman.  Our responsibilities included full detailed house cleaning to include both interior and exterior of the home, laundry and ironing of the gentleman’s clothing and hand washing all delicates, cooking, food and supplies shopping,  chauffeuring and maintaining the vehicles to name a few.  We served as a domestic couple for homes in Palm Beach, Florida, Long Island, New York and Colorado. My wife also acted as a part time assistant for the Mrs. is the home. The family had 2 full time nannies to care for the children.

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