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At Household Staffing, “We only place applicants whom we would place in our own homes.” Our exclusive database of over 10,000 applicants allows Household Staffing the ability to revolve our services around you and your family quickly without wasting your time. Honesty, integrity, commitment and personal attention to YOU is what makes our Household Staffing Agency the best decision when looking to hire your next chef, estate manager, household manager, nanny or any other domestic staffing needs you have.  Once you complete the application, you can expect a call from one of our personalized staffing consultants within 24 hours.

“Building lasting relationships 20 years and counting”

Here is a step-by-step list of what to expect from Household Staffing during the candidate search process:

  1. We begin the process by asking you to fill out a questionnaire that accurately assesses your family’s needs for your new household staff member.
  2. Next HouseholdStaffing reviews your application and takes the time to fully understand  and assess your needs.
  3. We will then explore our nationwide pool of applicants, interview them, check references and present you with only the most qualified individuals.
  4. Once you review a candidate’s application, which includes his/her education, experience, hobbies, personality traits, references and work history, you can begin interviewing the candidates.
  5. Household Staffing will set up a conference call between you and each of the candidates that make it to this round.
  6. HouseholdStaffing will set up a face-to-face interview between you and the candidates of your choosing.
  7. Once you select the person or persons you want to meet, HouseholdStaffing will conduct a secondary screening process to ensure the highest degree of safety for your family.
  8. We believe a trial with the selected candidate solidifies your decision and provides confidence knowing you have made the right choice.
  9. Once you have selected your domestic employee, HouseholdStaffing will immediately work to complete any additional screenings.
  10. Household Staffing will aid in the success of your placement and provide valuable tools and other resources helpful for you and your family.

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